Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dear Mister Goblin King,

Tough day so far and naptime isn't even over.
This isn't even something I would normally blog about because I'm just complaining, but perhaps I could try to be charming nonetheless.

Reason 1: Brother has turned into a whiny, hard-to-please mess.

Reason 2: Baby Sis apparently didnt get the memo on how much Mommy NEEDS her to nap during nap time when her brother naps. Or maybe she did, and flat out doesn't care.

Reason 3: Tonight is Daddy's night to be home early but I just found out that's not happening. Perfecto. Another three hours of keeping It together.

Reason 4: I have a headache.

Reason 5: Nobody has volunteered to give us gobs of money.

Putting it down in writing makes me see that I don't have it so bad on the scale of human suffering. But my fellow mommies can testify that when naptime is ruined, so is Mommy. It's the only time I get to just be on-call instead of on-duty. Allow "the only time" to be emphasized. It is awesome being a mom, just sometimes you get boogers on your cheek that aren't yours. In the words of my mom, "it's a good thing they're cute."
That being said; Please come and take me away. Right now.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I can relate: Dad's First Bedtime

Tonight will be Zack's first official time putting Greyson to bed on his own. Including bath time and teeth brushing and lotioning and reading books. Greyson is almost 21 months old and yes, I was an over protective mother and yes, even with my own husband. I didn't want anyone to touch my baby. I'm proud to say I've relaxed some now though I admit it's been mostly out of necessity. But I'm happy that I've had to do it because it really is nice to have help and I know that with Charli's impending arrival I'm going to need it more. And I think (and am hoping and praying) that I won't be as mama-bear-crazy-don't-touch-my-baby with this one, because I know babies are resilient and more than likely they will be just fine with someone else for a few.
Anyway, this is a quick post to say that I will have a report on how things go tonight for tomorrow. I'll try to sneak in a few pictures though pictures of my husband are difficult to catch :)

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