Sunday, March 18, 2012


I have decided to start an entirely new blog. One where I could talk about my life. But to do that I had to sit back and examine exactly what my life consists of. Let's make a list:
Play dates
Saving money (trying to)
Cleaning (admittedly minimal)
My family
I'm sure that list will grow. But those are the highlights. I'm not particularly crafty though I can follow directions. I'm not really creative though I have quirky taste. I'm not really really good at any one thing. My friend at Sew Ronimo is a super seamstress, my friend at See Sondra Slim is going through life altering changes in the most inspiring positivity. So here I am with nothing in particular going on except my stay-at-home-momness. There was my aha! moment. Im a SAHM, a housewife! And I know I'm not alone in being less than Pinterest-worthy in abilities. So my new blog is about everything a mom and wife or girlfriend or domestic goddess or just about anyone could and would need to know. Most of it will be ideas others have shared or ones I've found. Tips and tricks in all aspects of domestic-dom. I'll share what I know and beg for advice on other things. Yes, I'm a Rookie Housewife. I worked full time until my son was born and had a part time job afterwards. But now I'm strictly a SAHM to an awesome 21 month old boy Greyson and a daughter-to-be due in July to be named Charli. I have a lot to learn and a lot to offer after I learn it.
So this is my first post, a friendly Hello and introduction. Hopefully by tomorrow I can have my first official, informational, and instructional blog on my Chocolate Chip Cookies. Ones I like to say are "better than the dough" which is saying something because I never like the actual cookies more than the dough :) I took pictures and everything, so some love would be much appreciated!


  1. Can't wait! I'm so excited about you blogging again! Thanks for the love!!

    1. The love is totally deserved! You have an awesome blog but too have been a great friend :)

    2. So I'm finally getting a chance to comment (and I hope I'm doing it right HAHA). So happy you are blogging again! I like to read what my mommy friends have to say and you are fun to follow :)


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